As of June 30, 2017 Angela Allison and Sean Glumace have completed their tenure as the K-14 Statewide Technical Assistance Providers for Career Pathways in the state of California. This site is being preserved in its final state as of June 30, 2017. Information will not be updated or maintained after this date.

Below is the final report which was delivered to the California Community College Chancellors Office in August of 2017. If you have any questions about the report please direct them to the CCCO or contact Sean Glumace at

FINAL REPORT Statewide K-14 Technical Assistance Providers – Career Pathways Design [PDF Download]

We attend and present at many different events, conferences, and education workshops in California and around the world. Listed below are the presentations we have done along with the links to more information. If you would like for us to present at your next event please contact us at or

Adobe for Education Webinars - Adobe Education Exchange Channel

Working with Adobe we have created a series of recorded webinars on many of the major initiatives, issues, industry credentials, and the future of Career Technical Education in the United States and abroad.

Career Pathway Alignment - How Does This Affect My School Program

Link to Webinar Presentation:

Career Pathway Alignment is becoming ever more important in education as we strive to better serve our students and prepare them for future jobs of impact in the creative economy. In this webinar, you will learn about how Career Technical Education (CTE) programs in the U.S. may soon be affected by the new WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) legislation. Using the U.S. and Federal WIOA legislation as a model, you will learn how this type of program may also influence the local system you are in to define Career Pathways in order to move toward a common vision for career pathways nationwide from K-12 all the way to industry.

Connecting the Dots - Overview of Creating Creative Career Pathways Between K-12, College, and Industry

Link to presentation:

The arts are making a comeback in education! The arts have been added to STEM to make STEAM, and industries are looking for not only degrees, but creativity in their workforce. So the question is, how do we connect creativity, K-12, colleges, and industry to build career pathways that matter? Get an overview of how Career Technical Education (CTE) programs like ICT-Digital Media, 3rd party credentialing, and multiprogram crossover/contextualization have been used in California to build creative pathways, and how you can too!


Industry Credentials: Pathways from Education into the Workforce

Presentation link:

Certifications and licenses give students a significant leg up in securing employment, whether in K-12, community college, adult education, or noncredit. This session examines how California is aligning third party credentials to several industry sectors, structures for integrating credentials into programs, and strategies for data tracking.

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Innovative Ways of Implementing Pathways that Align with Current Industry Needs

Presentation Link:

How to effective partner with industry to implement pathways, train administrators and instructors, and align with the ever changing skill needs of industry within the regional economies; and ultimately prepare an individual to be successful in the current market using state of the art vs. mediocre technology.

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Integrating 3rd Party Certificates Into Your Career Pathways

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Learn how to use and integrate your local, state, and federal funding like Perkins, K-12 grants, and more to fund 3rd party certification in the classroom and how to leverage the program to build pathways, create professional development programs, and marketing opportunities outside of your institution. Learn how Golden West College built a successful instruction model around the Adobe Certified Associate certification program that is now rolling out in other regions in California as a best integrated program practice.