BIW II Announcement from Steve Wright

BIW II Announcement from Steve Wright

Announcing Business Information Worker II: Second TierPathway Released

Additional Stages Help Students Build on Basic Skill Sets for AdvancedJobs

The Business Information Worker (BIW) Pathway has added a second tier of advanced and in-demand office skills that will help students move from entry-level to advanced positions in the workplace.

Professional industry certifications that align with BIW skill sets (like Microsoft Office Specialist) are also specified and recommended, along with networking, hiring and placement information. This completed pathway is a result of two years of research and collaboration with industry, and will be discussed in detail at a special CCCAOE panel session on Wednesday, April 20. There is no cost to colleges to participate in the program, and all are invited to sign up on the new website at www.ICT-

What’s New?

For the 60% of California Community Colleges that already have the BIW I Pathway, we have completed the identification, validation and website support for the advanced second tier, BIW II. Additionally, key skills for a third tier, the Business Information Specialist, have also been identified. View the new BIW flyerfor details.

The new expanded website is now available for colleges to quickly list their courses (less than 15 minutes), review support LMI data (BIW is justified at all 113 colleges), compare to other nearby colleges on our interactive map, review the latest blog posts by admin industry leaders, download free marketing materials, and find the nearest placement agency for their students!

Colleges that have not yet listed any courses may do so for both BIW I, II and the Specialist option at

San Diego City College, where the pilot concept was hatched a few years ago, is proposing a BIW AA Degree based upon the BIW I, II, and two Business Information Specialist courses. Meanwhile, the Academic Senate is working on the CTE C-ID descriptors for the BIW I, II series for statewide transfer potential.

Sector Navigator Steve Wright says, “Students would pay five times more for this education at private institutions. With the potential for statewide CCC transfer (through the Academic Senate CTE C-ID) and statewide recognition, the California Community Colleges can develop a powerful student attendance and consistency of course demand.”

Research Confirms Employer Demand for BIW

Over the past year, the Centers of Excellence funded and summarized the findings of a 400-employer phone survey of small-medium businesses that clearly established the desired middle skills for their office workers. The results reconfirmed the BIW I criteria and established the in-demand advanced skills for the BIW II as well as some Specialist options.

As expected, proficiency in Microsoft Office applications topped the list of skills needed in an office environment. However, employers also expressed the need for support related to electronic file management, social media, accounting, and project management, among other areas.

Stage two of the BIW Pathway addresses these needs by including advanced Microsoft Office skills, accounting with QuickBooks, collaboration/document management software, electronic records management and customer relationship management. To meet more complex workplace demands, students may select courses from the Business Information Specialist bundle. Courses in this series cover project management, email marketing, graphic design and more. Some courses do not exist in the CCCs and represent a challenge to us to fill that gap!

Professional Certifications Align with BIW Courses

Validated credentials, including certifications and digital badges, are becoming increasingly important in hiring and promoting administrative professionals. The BIW Pathway matches industry valued certifications (i.e., Microsoft Office Specialist, QuickBooks, Salesforce) with pathway skill sets. Links to exam information can be found on the BIW website.

The new BIW website also includes a Professional Networking tab for students, counselors and faculty to catch up on the latest trends and insights into the administrative world. The Get Hired section leads students to information on how to create a professional LinkedIn profile and lists placement agencies within a radius of the student’s zip code.

The Faculty tab is where colleges register their courses and obtain copies of the COE report, complete course map and description, certificate how-to guide and a narrative of the branded pathway process.

Going to CCCAOE Spring 2016? Join Our BIW Panel Discussion.

We hope you’ll join our BIW panel discussion next week where you’ll learn ways to implement the complete BIW pathway at your campus. You’ll hear from faculty who have successfully completed the Chancellor’s Office application process in order to offer a BIW Certificate of Achievement. Benefits of collaborating with high school groups and placement agencies will also be discussed, as well as developments by the Academic Senate as they move forward with developing CTE C-ID for BIW courses.

Join the statewide BIW team. For further information on BIW please contact:

Nicole Sherman

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Digital Media California Community Colleges 334-0042


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April 21, 2016