Data Driven: Relationship of CTE Program to Career Plans

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Data Driven: Relationship of CTE Program to Career Plans

Posted: 29 Nov 2016 03:24 PM PST

DataDrivenSix in 10 high school students are planning to pursue a career related to the CTE area they are studying.[i]

The above data point from the ACTE-myCollegeOptions® nationwide survey of CTE students and educators demonstrates that many CTE high school students are taking part in CTE programs that match their career goals. In addition, the survey found that 3 of 10 students are unsure if they will pursue a career in their CTE area of study.

By providing comprehensive career guidance and offering, where possible, a variety of CTE programming choices, CTE educators and counselors can connect secondary students with education that will prepare them for college and careers that match their interests and aptitudes. And even students who don’t wish to continue in their CTE program are saving themselves time and money by learning what does not interest them before going on to postsecondary education or the workforce.

When providing the above information to students, parents, the media and policymakers, share how your CTE program is preparing students for further education and careers through guidance, coursework and extended learning experiences that match their abilities and interests.

You can find more research and data about CTE with ACTE Fact Sheets.

[i] ACTE, “College and Career Ready Through CTE” infographic, 2016


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November 30, 2016