Hiring Industry Experts for Programs:


There are several Strong Workforce Taskforce recommendations that speak to better connecting programs to industry partners, particularly the issues related to minimum qualifications for instructors.

At the request of the Chancellor and Vice Chancellors office, there is a request to track stories on the successes and challenges of CTE faculty trying to hire industry experts for programs. 

Please respond to this email by September 23, 2016. Send all inquiries to: lshaw@cccco.edu.

The Board of Governors Strong Workforce Taskforce recognized some challenges to hiring industry experts. Below is the exact language of #13 of the Strong Workforce Recommendations for review. See link below for all 25 recommendations.


  1. Increase the pool of qualified CTE instructors by addressing CTE faculty recruitment and hiring practices.
  1. Clarify legislative and regulatory barriers to hiring CTE instructors who may not meet existing college hiring standards, but possess significant industry experience.
  1. Disseminate effective practices in the recruitment and hiring of diverse faculty and the application of minimum qualifications and equivalencies.
  1. Develop pipelines to recruit community college faculty with industry expertise through collaborations with higher education, business, and industry professional organizations.
  1. Establish a mentorship model that delineates pathways for industry professionals to intern at colleges to gain teaching skills, knowledge, and experience while pursuing an associate degree or an equivalent.

Please contact Dr. Lynn Shaw (using the information below) for questions and/or concerns:

Lynn Shaw, Ph.D.

Visiting Faculty

California Community College Chancellor’s Office

1102 Q Street, 6th Floor WEDD

Sacramento, CA 95811-6539

Strong Workforce Implementation

Technical Assistance Provider

Doing What MATTERS for Job and the Economy, California Community Colleges

Email: lshaw@cccco.edu

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September 20, 2016