IE/DR Get Focused…Stay Focused! Empowering Students to Engineer their Own Future

IE/DR Get Focused…Stay Focused! Empowering Students to Engineer their Own Future

As part of the regional SB1070 CTE Pathways Project, our region adopted and has been promoting the Get Focused…Stay Focused!™ Initiative (GFSF) as a best practice for career exploration.  GFSF is a comprehensive college and career preparation program that includes 9th grade curriculum and follow-up modules.  As you know, there are many career exploration programs, activities and websites out there for teachers and students to choose from but GFSFstands apart from the others.

GFSF is different for many reasons but some that stand out include:

  • The curriculum includes a semester long or yearlong 9th grade course
  • The curriculum includes follow-up modules with 16 lessons each, to be completed in 10th, 11th and 12th grades (aligned with common core standards)
  • At the end of 9th grade students have a 10-year skills-based education plan
  • Lessons and activities are student directed but guided by a well-trained teacher
  • Students benefit from interaction with their teacher and peers (it is a not a “plug & play” program)


In school year 2015-16, 14 schools in Riverside and San Bernardino joined the 132 schools throughout California who have implemented the Get Focused…Stay Focused!™ Initiative.  We have many more that are ready to implement in fall 2016.  As part of our efforts, SB1070 has provided professional development and technical assistance to schools throughout the region interested in adopting the curriculum.  250+ teachers have participated in various GFSF professional development activities as a result. To help us share the GFSF program with others, we documented the GFSF experience at two regional schools (Chaparral HS in Temecula and Norte Vista in Riverside).  Please take a moment to watch the video


We believe that this is a great tool to use with our high school partners when the subject of career exploration comes up. The passion and excitement for this program comes through. It can be difficult to explain why a school should adopt GFSF over another program. This video does the work for you.

If you want to hear more about our efforts, please let me know.

Thank you,

Susanne Mata

Director, CTE Projects

Mt. San Jacinto College

K-14 Pathways – Regional Technical Assistance Provider (TAP)

Inland Empire/Desert Region



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March 1, 2016