New Draft High-Quality CTE Framework Available!

New Draft High-Quality CTE Framework Available!

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New Draft High-Quality CTE Framework Available! Posted: 05 Dec 2016 01:58 PM PST hq-cte Last week, ACTE released the latest draft of its Quality CTE Program of Study Framework (version 3.0). This Framework is part of an ongoing project at ACTE to identify a comprehensive, research-based quality CTE program of study framework, test the framework and integrate it into our efforts to recognize and disseminate information on best practices within CTE. This new draft of the Framework incorporates feedback received over the past year, including from focus groups, expert review, surveys, and additional research on key issues. Based on continued feedback, the Framework draft 3.0 will be refined a final time and then pilot tested in the spring to assess its validity and utility. To provide input on the draft framework, or if you are interested in participating in the pilot testing, please contact ACTE Public Policy Director Alisha Hyslop at You can access more information about the overall project at


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December 6, 2016