New Regional Video – Highlighting Partnerships Greater Sacramento

New Regional Video – Highlighting Partnerships Greater Sacramento

Good Afternoon Education and Industry Partners:

I’m proud to share with you a new video we produced that communicates how our regions collective work impacts the lives of our students. We’ve dubbed our regional work “Pathways to Paychecks” as a way of highlighting the fact that everything we do is focused on ensuring students see, and can take advantage of, a path forward that leads to satisfying and productive lives and careers.

We have found a greater understanding of the work we do when we focus more on real student impact than when we try to explain our programs with inaccessible jargon. So in this video, you will hear from students, school leaders, industry representatives and even former State Senate leader Darrell Steinberg about how our collective work is changing the way education is delivered in the Greater Sacramento region.

You will see 4 programs in our region that exemplify how high school students are connecting to career pathways.

By actively promoting career planning in the ninth grade, breaking down silos between high schools and colleges, and engaging industry to collaborate with our schools, we are truly preparing our students for the careers that exist today as well as preparing them for the jobs of tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy the video!


Warm Regards,

Teri Munger
K-14 Pathways – Regional Technical Assistance Provider

Los Rios Community College
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March 28, 2016