Regional Joint Venture Opportunities – Biotechnology / Life Sciences

This is the first in a series of communications about sector based Regional Joint Ventures (RJVs) colleges may want to consider as they plan for Strong Workforce Program (SWP) 60% Local and 40% Regional Share allocations. In this instance, the spotlight is on Biotechnology / Life Sciences. Stay tuned for others!

It is hoped this information will be useful for:

  • Informing your college’s SWP investments

  • Connecting colleges to Deputy Sector Navigators should you need sector specific subject matter expertise

  • Utilizing this Regional Joint Venture Index to state your college’s interest in collaborating on these and other opportunities

Josie Sette Deputy Sector Navigator, Biotechnology/Life Sciences Hosted at Ohlone College (510) 979-7952

Link to Biotech / Life Sciences Priority Profile full document, (excerpted below): rjv


Posted on

November 29, 2016