Research Round-up: Career Development, Computer Science

Research Round-up: Career Development, Computer Science

As summer wanes, catch up with some of the research, case studies and other materials about CTE and related subjects that have come out in 2016.


Career Development from the Employer Perspective: A new U.S. Chamber of Commerce report outlines an account management strategy for career development. With employers as the customers, account managers would liaise between the stakeholders, match students and employers, validate skills and ultimately create a talent supply network.

Lack of Access to Computer Science: 56 percent of 2015 high school seniors lacked access to computer science classes, according to an infographic from Change the Equation.

Separating College and Credentials: An Information Technology and Innovation Foundation report calls for a radical separation of credentials from the higher education system. To solve issues such as the variable quality of postsecondary programs and a lack of transferability of credits between institutions, assessment and credentialing work would be disconnected from learning. Instead, third-party organizations would offer standardized, accredited assessments leading to credentials. This proposal builds off the model of industry certifications, but is even broader in scope.

Where is the College Class of 2015?: According to a survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, by six months after graduation, 58 percent of the class of 2015 was employed full-time, with 6 percent employed part-time and 18 percent continuing their education. Eleven percent were looking for work. Students in computer science were most likely to be employed full-time, followed by business and engineering.


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September 1, 2016